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whatwouldwasdo's Journal

feelin' so fried like a cheesestick
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i c u.

i tumbl.
adam and joe, adam west, alan rickman, america's next top model, arrested development, aston villa, bale out, beastie boys, ben linus, boiled goose, brand new, breaking bad, capslocke, ceiling cat, charizard, charlie brooker, coldplay, crash team racing, creepin', crow t robot, daniel faraday, delicious hams, doodling, eternal-sunshine-of-the-spotless-mind, ferocity, flashback hair, flight of the conchords, football, frank lapenis, fringe, game of thrones, gerard piqué's face, gifs, goalkeepers, gob, green wing, happy endings, harry potter, hedgehogs, hobos, hot chip, hot fuzz, iker casillas, it's-always-sunny-in-philadelphia, jack's raging tear ducts, jackface, japandroids, jears, jesse lacey, johnny foreigner, jon stewart, justice, kermit bale, kiss kiss bang bang, little miss sunshine, locke's bitch tits, lost, malcolm tucker, mean girls, mindfuck, more hader, mst3k, nsync, office space, optimus prime, otters, peep show, philipp lahm's masterplan, pokemon, postcards, princess faraday, professor brian cox, qtness, rdj, really shitty music, rifftrax, rorschach, rupaul's drag race, sass, science of sleep, scott pilgrim, scrubs, serious cat, shaun of the dead, singstar, spaced, spyro the dragon, st pauli, stephen colbert, steven seagal, strongbow, tdk, the daily show, the fall, the lonely island, the office, the presets, the simpsons, the thick of it, the wedding singer, tiga, tobias funke, tom muthafuckin hanks, tom servo, trololo, v for vendetta, vampire weekend, vuvuzelas, wat, watchmen, we are scientists, weah, whose-line-is-it-anyway, xabi alonso's beard, you all every butties